War what is it good for? Absoultely nothing!…… unless your a corrupt money power hungry thief. Welcome to US politcs

Whats 9/11 about?

Months before 9/11 occured a huge shakeup and an investigation into military spending was about to go down
$2 . 3 TRILLION could not be accounted for from military spending, essentially stolen.

At the time that was $4,982 per UScitizen of tax money
Just to get it into context there is 1000 million in a billion, and 1000 billion in a trillion! money like that doesnt just vanish by accident.  Some group within the US Governement had pocketed the money!

An investigation Economy corruption news story by CBS NEWS announced just the day before 9/11

starts 12 seconds in

Must See!!

After 9./11; the investigation into the missing money seemed irrelavant as war threatened the horizon.

Since 9/11 more monies have been stolen. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction US dpeartment of defence estimates:

$23 Billion of tax payer money is stolen. missing & not properly accounted for.
You can see that whole documentary from the links at the bottom of the page.

Since the tragic events of 9/11, freedoms have been restricted, and now we are seeing the same crooks steal trillions in bailout money..
US citizen now owes $42,,000 & your taxes are set to hikeup even more,
billions in bailout money has already been admitted to being unaccounted for..if you add that to the national debt..

$23 Billion stolen  BBC Film
Total running time 60 mins



Part 4

Part 5

Part 6



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