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university-of-delaware-faculty-World Bank-meeting

In conversation with the World Bank

En conversación con el Banco Mundial

In SL today was a conference about the World Bank and there were questions like this:

what is the World Bank doing to correct the economic inbalance between women and men?

¿Qué está haciendo el Banco Mundial de correcto en el balance de la economía entre hombres y mujeres?

[12:47]  Draxtor Despres: hi friends

[12:47]  Firery Broome: great to see you here

[12:47]  Michele Mrigesh: Hey Drax!

[12:47]  Buffy Beale: hii Michele 🙂

[12:47]  lynsey Fleury: hi Drax

[12:47]  Draxtor Despres: Reinhold wanted to come Buffy

[12:47]  Michele Mrigesh: Hi Siri!

[12:47]  Draxtor Despres: but then he got busy

[12:47]  Siri Vita: hey Michele!

[12:47]  Buffy Beale: awww Draxie give him a hug tell him to chill

[12:47]  Zage Farman: is there any sound on?

[12:47]  Draxtor Despres: Siri is here?

[12:47]  Zage Farman: there we are

[12:47]  Siri Vita: Hi Drax, Buffy, shmoo, lola…wow everyone is here!

[12:47]  lynsey Fleury: hugs Catt:)

[12:48]  Nadia Lane: i hear sound and then it stops and then i hear it and then it stops

[12:48]  Ludwig John: I can hear sound

[12:48]  Shmoo Snook: Much lag.

[12:48]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Hi Firery, SL Unity told me about the event. Great to have it

[12:48]  Michele Mrigesh: Mr Zoellick was also a member of Progress for a New American Century…that’s interesting 🙂

[12:48]  Shmoo Snook: Is this in voice?

[12:49]  Draxtor Despres: hey everyone who I may have forgotten

[12:49]  Darcy Auer: ty

[12:49]  Draxtor Despres: start stop stream?

[12:49]  Darcy Auer: hello all

[12:49]  Draxtor Despres: oh it is streaming now

[12:49]  Draxtor Despres: cool!

[12:49]  Honour McMillan: media

[12:49]  Michele Mrigesh: it’s a live stream on Media, Shmoo…live video

[12:49]  lynsey Fleury: no Shmoo, live stream : video button

[12:49]  Buffy Beale: hi Darcy

[12:49]  Shmoo Snook: OK — thanks!

[12:50]  Shmoo Snook: Got it. 🙂

[12:50]  Tiff (tiffany.chiantelle): I don’t hear anything

[12:50]  Shmoo Snook: It’s video.

[12:50]  Del Edman: Tiffany: you may want to click stop and then start again on your media controller

[12:50]  Shmoo Snook: The speaker is on the screen.

[12:51]  Tiff (tiffany.chiantelle): it worked thanks Ana

[12:51]  Annakruza Hiten: 🙂

[12:52]  Firery Broome: Oh that is diffent

[12:52]  Shmoo Snook:  Ⓐ Ⓟ Ⓟ Ⓛ Ⓐ Ⓤ Ⓢ Ⓔ !!!

[12:53]  Woodland Event Counter: Done resetting.

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[12:53]  Honour McMillan: Firery – Ralph who?

[12:54]  Draxtor Despres: yes firery fill us in

[12:54]  Draxtor Despres: on the Delaware luminaries

[12:54]  Honour McMillan: I know he looks familiar but I can’t think of his name

[12:54]  Ataro Asbrink: hi firery

[12:54]  Michele Mrigesh: Ralph Begleiter

Director, Center for Political Communication

[12:54]  Honour McMillan: thank you 🙂

[12:55]  Firery Broome: former CNN world cors

[12:55]  Buffy Beale: thanks Michele, Aufauna, Fiery

[12:56]  LolaRennt Blanco is Offline

[12:56]  Nadia Lane: is anybody else having technology troubles here and with the feed?

[12:56]  Buffy Beale: I’m good Nadia

[12:56]  Honour McMillan: it’s good for me Nadia

[12:56]  Siri Vita: It’s fine for me Nadia

[12:57]  Shmoo Snook: For me, too.

[12:57]  KendallQ: I was but turns out for some reason Windows had decided to block access

[12:57]  Ataro Asbrink: quicktime refuses to show video..

[12:57]  Siggi Ludwig (ludwig.john): then take ubuntu

[12:57]  Shmoo Snook: ㋡

[12:57]  Darcy Auer: you could reduce the bandwith under preferences network to have more bandwith for quicktime

[12:58]  swat poses: New sitting animation: sit

[12:58]  swat poses: New sitting animation: crosslegsit

[12:58]  Firery Broome:

[12:58]  Gilles Kuhn: quit also all torrent soft and messengers

[12:58]  Ataro Asbrink: thx

[12:58]  Firery Broome: that is the live feed if anyone needs it

[12:58]  Firery Broome: OK since this is going to be mostly Q&A

[12:58]  Draxtor Despres: There is another Drax in the house

[12:58]  Draxtor Despres: and it is not me!

[12:58]  LolaRennt Blanco is Online

[12:59]  Firery Broome: how about we get a bunch of questions all lined up for Ralph

[12:59]  Firery Broome: so if you could type your question

[12:59]  Firery Broome: with Question: before it that would be really helpful

[12:59]  Buffy Beale: lol Draxie

[13:00]  Firery Broome: also if you could tell us where you are located now.

[13:00]  Honour McMillan: maybe they could just keep telling stories

[13:02]  Ataro Asbrink: why not chat with mr. zoellick?

[13:02]  Honour McMillan: Question – how do they think the fact that the world can view the internal news feeds affect the image of the US. I’m thinking of Fox News etc. The stories we hear are not filtered through one outlet e.g., the government

[13:02]  Darcy Auer: my question would be isnt the world bank something like a company that tries to build a new car with very old tools?

[13:02]  Honour McMillan: in other worlds – how has techonology affected the image of the US

[13:03]  Siri Vita: I think you already have one from me Firery but if I could ask one more – Question: Isn’t the World Bank’s continued investment in coal fired power plants diamertrically opposed to their stated Clean Air Initiative?

[13:03]  Wenceslas Wellesley: QUESTION: How much is the World Bank responsible for the exporting of jobs from western countries where labour rights have driven wages up to a level where people can have a decent life to countries where a lack of even basic human rights kept wages artificially low.

[13:04]  Gilles Kuhn: Q: Do you realise that since the vietnam war and the Allende ousting helped byt hte US the view of the USA as a democratic hero which was created by Wordl war II has degenerated to become the most hated and considered as the most oppressive nation on earth?

[13:04]  Michele Mrigesh: Question: Do you regret signing a letter in 1998, along with other Progress for a New American Century members, to President Clinton supporting an invasion of Iraq? and do you still believe that that war was necessary?

I’m in Callifornia

[13:04]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): My question is as most of the people in poverty are women and children, what is the World Bank doing to correct the economic inbalance between women and men. thanks

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[13:06]  lynsey Fleury: hi Plot:)

[13:06]  Plot Tracer: hi lynsey 🙂

[13:07]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Hi Plot, thanks for the event notice

[13:07]  Ataro Asbrink: Question: What can the World Bank do to stop this global casino and come back to real economy?

[13:07]  Plot Tracer: np talia

[13:09]  Draxtor Despres: here comes a question Firery

[13:09]  Draxtor Despres: Question – we have been working with the State Department and educational institutions connecting American and Egyptian students last year – using a variety of social media. It is – compared to other means of exchange – ridiculously cheap – HOWEVER State Dep folks fight uphill battle to continue funding. Why? Why not more projects in virtual worlds, other social media? “Soft Power” I guess needs way way more funding when I look around at defense spending and bringing American “values” via weaponry?

[13:09]  Ataro Asbrink: Question: What can the World Bank do to stop the FED printing money?

[13:10]  Pooky Amsterdam: what makes you think they want to?

[13:10]  Honour McMillan: Pooky!

[13:10]  Pooky Amsterdam: HONOUR!

[13:11]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you to the Univ of Delaware for this treat indeed

[13:11]  Honour McMillan: I second that!

[13:11]  Firery Broome: You are all very welcome

[13:11]  Gilles Kuhn: Q: Q: Do you think that IMF world bank etc that are institutions created on bretton woods and served in fact to globalise economy is to say to permit to the Ud. states to have open frontiers for their products and their huge industrial production which was boosted by the war (and the fact no fight took place in the american continent) are still adapted to the actual world economic problems ?

[13:11]  Buffy Beale: yes always a great event here Firery, ty

[13:12]  Plot Tracer: yes – well done firery 🙂

[13:12]  Monarchy Republic: a pre-industrial policy not based on Adam Smith would be cool :s o_0

[13:12]  Firery Broome: I think I got all the questions before I crashed

[13:12]  Gilles Kuhn: yep monarchy call Colbert back 😉

[13:12]  Pooky Amsterdam: How about the Wetlh of Second Nations?

[13:12]  Firery Broome: and the ones that were sent to me in a NC

[13:13]  Firery Broome: and IM

[13:13]  Joan Horsforth: IMF worldbanks is an 1.0 institute, ande very obsolete… now.

[13:13]  Draxtor Despres: hey pooky, my Goddess

[13:14]  Pooky Amsterdam: Q: What are your thoughts on Economic heath of the United States in the 50’s & 60’s when the gap between rich nd poor was at its narrowest – with today’s economic landscape – with the increasing gap between rich and poor – Given that the US was at its highest in productivity during the narrowest gap between income groups – could you say that the spread between rich and poor is bad for the economy of the US?

[13:14]  Honour McMillan: omg Draxtor – you have Pooky in a Goddess harem?

[13:15]  Pooky Amsterdam: lol

[13:15]  Pooky Amsterdam: I missed that

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[13:15]  Firery Broome: We have so many good questions today!

[13:15]  Plot Tracer: can you pass mine on firery?

[13:15]  Firery Broome: did

[13:16]  Plot Tracer: thankyou 🙂

[13:16]  Firery Broome: Plot

[13:16]  Honour McMillan: this is one of the reasons I love SL – intelligent discussion – even if I don’t always agree with them 🙂

[13:16]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you

[13:16]  Draxtor Despres: Honour – Pooky and I are kjoined at the HIP

[13:16]  Firery Broome: unless there was another one I missed when I crashed

[13:16]  Honour McMillan: oooh – sounds a teensy bit uncomfortable

[13:16]  Plot Tracer: no – just the notecard i gave u earlier

[13:16]  Pooky Amsterdam: indeed & the respect we give one another makes for greater viewpoints to be achievable instead of prevailing polarity

[13:16]  lynsey Fleury: hoi Star:)

[13:16]  LolaRennt Blanco: Thanks Plot

[13:16]  Gilles Kuhn: i disagree i am very happy to be unable to cook when i have a gf that is a good cook ;-)))

[13:17]  Honour McMillan: good question

[13:17]  Firery Broome: Just before pooky came in

[13:17]  Joan Horsforth: The Arab-freedom means the end of the oil-capitalized economy, but were is the alternative now.? It should lay in free people and humans in balance with our planet.

[13:17]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Eep. Sorry, Janey.

[13:17]  Janey Bracken: np Ataraxia :))

[13:18]  Gilles Kuhn: that dont mean the end of oil capital and what freedom? to now i didnt see any election lets wait

[13:18]  Drax Ember: how does that mean the end of an oil-capitalozed economy? China is increasing their consumption at an alarming rate

[13:19]  Maria (marita.decosta) does not live in a university community, but it’s nice I can come and visit ㋡

[13:19]  Monarchy Republic: indeed it may lead to ‘rationalised’ gas explorations contracts in the Mediterranean

[13:19]  Joan Horsforth: There is a start, and agree let’s watch the developments but not condemn them beforehand.

[13:19]  Draxtor Despres: and if we continue like this

[13:19]  Draxtor Despres: teh GDP will be less than 5%

[13:19]  Darcy Auer: china has the same right to waist resources than we have

[13:19]  Honny SpiritWeaver is Offline

[13:19]  Draxtor Despres: Darcy – NONE of us has the right to waster resources!!!!

[13:20]  Gilles Kuhn: force supersede right and now the chinese have the former too…..

[13:20]  Draxtor Despres: we are ALL on ONE planet

[13:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: this is the drive to privatize water

[13:20]  Darcy Auer: but everybody do so

[13:20]  Joan Horsforth: Well, there is one problem for China, they don’t have A Barack Obama

[13:20]  Draxtor Despres: the villifying of public service goes hand in hand…..

[13:20]  Drax Ember: hopefully the USA will take its self imposed handcuffs off and allow for drilling of oil and more coal mining – to be at the mercy of other parts of the world who don’t exactly like us isn’t good policy

[13:20]  Draxtor Despres: ….with the push to PRIVATIZE everything!

[13:21]  Michele Mrigesh: well said, Drax

[13:21]  Draxtor Despres: my fellow Drax – I have to disagree – green energy is where it is at

[13:21]  Draxtor Despres: not non-renewable

[13:21]  Draxtor Despres:

[13:21]  Draxtor Despres: film about impact of coal mining

[13:21]  Gilles Kuhn: right drax so you would like to live in a sewage shit hole and no more to have another country ruin their landscape and life quality for you thats interesting indeed….

[13:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: stop it

[13:22]  Pooky Amsterdam: please

[13:22]  Ɗɑη (calidan.hansome) is Offline

[13:22]  Michele Mrigesh: my ‘well said’ was to Mr Despres, btw

[13:22]  Drax Ember: Draxtor, perhaps to a degree, however practical matters being what they are – we may very well “green” ourselves into a poorer economy waiting for the applications to be sufficient – a USA that is economically depressed isn’t good for the world

[13:22]  Draxtor Despres: oh Michele, thank you

[13:22]  Monarchy Republic: but you must admit that global communications are helping that ‘not happen’ Gilles

[13:22]  Draxtor Despres: Drax – my name sake:

[13:22]  Draxtor Despres: the future is green

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: and that is the ONLY future

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: Germany – my fatherland

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: is doing quite well in the green sector

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: public transit

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: etc

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: etc

[13:23]  Monarchy Republic: or at least we are less susceptable to being so unwittingly ignorant we just do it delibarately 😛

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: so is Japan and some smaller Asian countries

[13:23]  Drax Ember: Draxtor, I don’t necessarily disagree, however the present is also important

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: the present TOTALLY IS

[13:23]  Darcy Auer: if one tree falls 100 others have the chance to grow perhaps a depressed usa is the best we can have

[13:23]  Draxtor Despres: so why are idiotic politicans give BACK money

[13:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: good question – money for schools and health care here or money out of the country?

[13:24]  Draxtor Despres: for public transit?????

[13:24]  Plot Tracer: can we hear answers to the questions re the re-booting of a capitalism that has totally failed the poor and working of the world?

[13:24]  Draxtor Despres: the future of capitalism lies in equity

[13:24]  Drax Ember: while the push was on to lessen our dependence on oil through the use of corn for fuel, it added to hunger problems in other countries due to less corn available – each action has its consequences

[13:24]  Draxtor Despres: and fair chance for everyone

[13:24]  Draxtor Despres: the future of the US lies in

[13:24]  Draxtor Despres: investing in education and innovation

[13:25]  Draxtor Despres: not in war mongering :)D

[13:25]  Midnight Bravin is Offline

[13:25]  Draxtor Despres: over and out

[13:25]  Joan Horsforth: There is no future in capitalism as the money-system needs to be adapted.

[13:25]  Draxtor Despres: Drax has to work on the other machine now

[13:25]  Drax Ember: Draxtor I respectfully disagree – the future of capitalism lies in unhandcuffing the genius of creativity, not in stifling it through enforced equality

[13:25]  Janey Bracken: you are right Drax and the carbon causing global warming is a complete con to sell carbon the new gold

[13:25]  Darcy Auer: the future of capitalism lies in economic diversity million ways to make a living even with a bit of socialism

[13:26]  any1 Gynoid: 2 Drax s … oh dear! lol

[13:26]  Draxtor Despres: 2 Draxes yes any1

[13:26]  Drax Ember: laughs

[13:26]  Janey Bracken: Drax Ember

[13:26]  Shmoo Snook: So what causes global warming?

[13:26]  Draxtor Despres: see what HELL that is!!!!

[13:26]  Pooky Amsterdam: there is a great redistribution of wealth to the top, I think every policy decision certainly of the world bank has to address this increasing inequality

[13:26]  Plot Tracer: I have two questions.

1. Who should pay for the loses – estimated by the IMF to be £2.3 trillion – that the banks have made since the onset of the financial crisis?

[13:26]  Draxtor Despres: in this country they still argue if global warming is real

[13:26]  Janey Bracken: the planet warms and cools naturally always has always will

[13:26]  Plot Tracer: 2. After the meeting in Paris in February of the finance ministers of the 20 major economies, the conclusion was to re-stimulate growth in the western economies at the expense of the developing economies. Surely this kind of strategy has been seen to be a failure with the 2008 onset of the current crisis of capitalism? Should we not be trying to move to a model of sustainable societies rather than consumer consumption and re-distribute the world’s wealth by turning the “bad” loans made by banks into social rents turning asset prices that are falling below the value of the loan made against it into a stream of rental income and assets owned by society – which ensure peoples needs are met? Do you not think THIS strategy would create millions of jobs world wide and cultural riches?

[13:26]  Pooky Amsterdam: where ahs that redistribution of the 2.3 trillion gone

[13:26]  Michele Mrigesh: great Pooky! Let’s see if he’ll answer that!

[13:26]  Draxtor Despres: in the rest of the civilized workd they work on solutions

[13:27]  Shmoo Snook: Oh. OK. So since it’s natural, it’s OK if we all die.

[13:27]  Pooky Amsterdam: no one makes money – you just get it off of someone else

[13:27]  Monarchy Republic: war creates demand …and even rouge dealers ..can cause war scenarios through stock dealings on the markets …doesnt have to be governments,terrorists or tyrants anymore ..and im not sure how you deal with people who ligitimately deal but decimate regions for their own greed ?

[13:27]  Drax Ember: global warming – climate change – whatever the courrent phrase might be – hasd been around as long as the earth – the great lakes were caused by melting glaciers – we can’t be so arrogant as to believe that mankind is the significant force causing that

[13:27]  Joan Horsforth: Well, national or international, it’s not important any more. We grow to a local ‘economic’ were we trade goods and services at another level than Money.

[13:27]  Janey Bracken: scientist were caught out lying, the investigation was carried out by their own people, everyone is being conned big time

[13:28]  Draxtor Despres: oh boy Janey 😦

[13:28]  Shmoo Snook: It behooves us to slow it down regardless of what causes it. Otherwise, the attitude is that because it’s natural, it’s OK. And it’s NOT OK.

[13:28]  Monarchy Republic: deadly nightshade is natural ..but its not a good diet choice 😛

[13:28]  Draxtor Despres: you guys are denying the human acceleration of climate change???

[13:28]  Draxtor Despres: where am I???

[13:29]  Drax Ember: the world is going to go through cold periods and warm periods, it is cyclical

[13:29]  Draxtor Despres: at a pre-school?

[13:29]  Draxtor Despres: oh wait sorry

[13:29]  Siri Vita: Janey – 5 investigations were launched into the emails that were questions. All 5 investigations cleared the scientists. You can’t discount the reams of data based on someone using the word “trick” in an email

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[13:29]  Draxtor Despres: that would be mean to the kids

[13:29]  Chimera Cosmos: Hi gang

[13:29]  Siri Vita: it’s not a con, please check some reliable reference material on the subject

[13:29]  Janey Bracken: we need to find renewable energy agreed but carbon is a benefit, plant food, the computer models were fiddled

[13:29]  Chimera Cosmos: what a day!

[13:29]  Draxtor Despres: science = doubt & investigation

[13:29]  Buffy Beale: Hey Chi

[13:29]  Shmoo Snook: Drax, are you OK with the destruction that will come, because it’s a natural cycle?

[13:29]  Michele Mrigesh: they love their stories, Draxtor…

[13:29]  Draxtor Despres: am I ???

[13:29]  Chimera Cosmos: all the cool kids are here 😉

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: Shmoo what now?

[13:30]  Honour McMillan: damn right 🙂

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: which Drax do you mean?

[13:30]  Darcy Auer: the bacterias in the primeval soup changed the clima first

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: darn I gotta do a new show

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: Drax & Drax

[13:30]  Janey Bracken: lol

[13:30]  Shmoo Snook: Drax, not Draxtor.

[13:30]  Drax Ember: shmoo – no, not all. However I don’t feel that the climate change will be caused by man

[13:30]  Gilles Kuhn: well almost all scientist in meteo and climate consider global warming due to human activities is a fact but well some still believe the world was created 6000 years ago in 7 days…..

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: sorry Shmoo!!!

[13:30]  Chimera Cosmos: (Hiya Firery)

[13:30]  Siri Vita: that would be a bit like crossfire Drax LOL

[13:30]  Shmoo Snook: We have to figure out how man can slow it down.

[13:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: cows are doing their job with grrenohouse gses

[13:30]  Janey Bracken: planet hasn’t warmed since 1998

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: hey Darcy – did you live 10 mill years ago?

[13:30]  Firery Broome: hi there Chim

[13:30]  Firery Broome: nice to see you

[13:30]  Draxtor Despres: Janey that is FALSE

[13:30]  Chimera Cosmos: you too

[13:31]  Draxtor Despres: please check history

[13:31]  Dan Fromund is Offline

[13:31]  Monarchy Republic: not so Draxtor …we are responsible ,,but i think the damage is already done is also cyclical …but the theme is damage limitation …stopping the ‘because i cant have it ,i will destroy it all’ mentality that some humans have …immigration and economics are the themes ..if we dont get those right the environment wont get a look in

[13:31]  Draxtor Despres: investigations into climate change and forests dying was done in the 70ties

[13:31]  Janey Bracken: nooo it is the biggest con of the century!

[13:31]  LolaRennt Blanco: Like Mexico?

[13:31]  Shmoo Snook: Tell it to the polar bears, Janey.

[13:31]  Draxtor Despres: wow Janey

[13:31]  Siri Vita: Someone watches too much Glann Beck

[13:31]  Drax Ember: mmmmm the polar bear thing is a myth

[13:31]  Draxtor Despres: we DO have some looneys here

[13:32]  Joan Horsforth: “we have an icetime in the Netherlands, with freezing to start early December and now continuing in March. In the past we had winters without and frost. It’s very tricky, the Climate

[13:32]  Drax Ember: have you looked at the numbers?

[13:32]  Pooky Amsterdam: why was Egypt the second largest recepient of a yearly allotment from the US govt after Isrel?

[13:32]  Janey Bracken: Polar bears are doing well there are more now than ever

[13:32]  Firery Broome: Be nice to each other now : )

[13:32]  Gilles Kuhn: janey sell your house and buy it in angladesh next to the river then we spoke in 1à years ok?

[13:32]  Darcy Auer: because of israel pooky

[13:32]  Draxtor Despres: hahaha Gilles

[13:32]  Shmoo Snook: More than ever?

[13:32]  Gilles Kuhn: bangladesh*

[13:32]  Monarchy Republic: Gland Bleugh …Siri .. hhahaha 🙂

[13:32]  Gilles Kuhn: 10 years *

[13:32]  Chimera Cosmos: should I be seeing something on the screen?

[13:33]  Pooky Amsterdam: you could say any country close by then might qualify for thatkind of largesse

[13:33]  Michele Mrigesh: Chim..if that’s not working for you:

[13:33]  Gilles Kuhn: damn my chat windows is total black in writing window always like that when i see a movie or stream in sl……..

[13:33]  Pooky Amsterdam: and could you imagine if there was oil found in Israel!

[13:33]  Shmoo Snook: Money to Egypt helped pull it away from the Soviet sphere of influence.

[13:33]  Monarchy Republic: under the Temple Mount ..OMG!!!!

[13:33]  Chimera Cosmos: thx Michele

[13:33]  Chimera Cosmos: that works

[13:33]  Darcy Auer: israels oil is brain

[13:33]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes saw that with Vietnam too

[13:34]  Firery Broome: thanks Michele you are a quick draw

[13:34]  Shmoo Snook: ‘Cause it’ll be dominoes, right?

[13:34]  Gilles Kuhn: israel muscle is usa jews sionist money…..

[13:34]  Chimera Cosmos: “imperialism vs capital investment”

[13:34]  Shmoo Snook: Say, Gilles? Fuck you.

[13:34]  Pooky Amsterdam: lets not go there either

[13:34]  Chimera Cosmos: or is it “capitol”…nah

[13:34]  Shmoo Snook: Whoops — PG region.

[13:34]  Shmoo Snook: Sorry.

[13:34]  Pooky Amsterdam: lets go with oh class struggle instead

[13:34]  Gilles Kuhn: shmoo not between us i know you are as pacifist at me in that respect

[13:34]  Firery Broome: Be nice to each other please 🙂

[13:35]  Joan Horsforth: Israel is a very difficult situation. It’s a copy of a former US-government….

[13:35]  Drax Ember: cant we talk about something less volatile – such as religon or politics? LOL

[13:35]  Pooky Amsterdam: if you with VERY VERY VERY rich versus well everyone else

[13:35]  Janey Bracken: lol

[13:35]  Firery Broome: hahahah Drax

[13:35]  Shmoo Snook: U.S. never had a parliamentary system.

[13:35]  Honour McMillan: remember to debate ideas not attack people 🙂

[13:35]  Pooky Amsterdam: liek the 70 richest ppl in the world have as much as the 700 million poorest

[13:35]  Pooky Amsterdam: i think that is the arguement

[13:35]  Chimera Cosmos: anyone have the URL for speaker info handy?

[13:35]  Joan Horsforth: Yes: Dialogue: Listen and learn

[13:36]  Shmoo Snook: I’m a USA Jew Zionist, so where the hell is *my* money?

[13:36]  Drax Ember: laughs

[13:36]  Pooky Amsterdam: goldman sachs has it schmoo

[13:36]  Drax Ember: lend me a $20, please Shmoo

[13:36]  Firery Broome: in the poster for the global event Chim

[13:36]  LolaRennt Blanco: no Chimera

[13:36]  Monarchy Republic: Israel has its own issues has a highly volitile political situation in itself Ben-Gurion was socialist we have quite militarist right wing elements in power

[13:36]  Firery Broome: there is a link to the page on him

[13:37]  Pooky Amsterdam: if a discussion devolved to religious nerve pricking you will lose sight of the real economic picture

[13:37]  Plot Tracer: a goldman sachs ex worker and left ecomomist wites here –

[13:37]  Firery Broome:

[13:37]  Pooky Amsterdam: ty Plot

[13:37]  Plot Tracer: *writes

[13:37]  Wenceslas Wellesley: Everytime a ritish or American soldier dies, he/she dies protecting some israeli land robber’s “right” to antagonise the whole Muslim world

[13:37]  Firery Broome: that is what is on the global agenda page Chim

[13:37]  Pooky Amsterdam whispers: whee is the manufacturing in the US

[13:37]  Pooky Amsterdam: where are the jobs here

[13:37]  Gilles Kuhn: actually pooky the 70 richest have way more than the 700 million poorest : more than 1 bilion of people live with under 2 dollar a day let say 1000 dollar a year which mean at MAXIMUM 700 billion dollar of worth i assure you that the 70 more rich people on earth are worth more than that…….

[13:38]  Pooky Amsterdam: thsiis the REAl issue Giles – and all emotional discussion takes away from this issue IntentioNALLY

[13:38]  Chimera Cosmos: thx Firery — composing text for snapshot

[13:38]  Pooky Amsterdam: its intentional

[13:38]  Shmoo Snook: Wenceslas, you have an inadequate understanding of the history in the region.

[13:38]  Gilles Kuhn: agreed and i assure you that the 2 dollar a day is really optimist i saw a lot of people which had NOTHING

[13:38]  Darcy Auer: they tried socialism in russia and it did not work

[13:38]  Monarchy Republic: but as POooky says ..a lot of the antogonism .is done for economic gain on somebody’s stock shares ..its a matter of de-emotionalising the subject ..because its the only way we will find a solution

[13:39]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes Monarchy

[13:39]  Siggi Ludwig (ludwig.john): are we really rich ? our wealth is based on debts

[13:39]  Shmoo Snook: Socialism is the best system, but it never works when you force it on people.

[13:39]  Gilles Kuhn: they tried it in sweden (socialism) it work perfect if you dont like to have a lot of gfs 😉

[13:39]  Shmoo Snook: It runs contrary to the basically greedy nature of human beings.

[13:39]  Drax Ember: what’s the old saying? Socialism is a great system until you run out of everyone else’s money

[13:39]  Wenceslas Wellesley: schmoo – just because I dont understand the chemical make up of shit doesnt mean I dont know what a turd looks like

[13:39]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): A patriarchy is a patriarchy. When power is not shared equally between women and men, men will oppress others

[13:40]  Pooky Amsterdam: and when we start to come together on thsi economic inequality there is a rd vs blue event to polarize us

[13:40]  Shmoo Snook: Whatever. You say ignorant things.

[13:40]  Joan Horsforth: Don’t put everything in boxes. We can’t compare any more. :p Socializing is the KEYWORD. And forget old USSR-words

[13:40]  Darcy Auer: nah was only a partial socialism in sweden since they did not had a central planned economy

[13:40]  Firery Broome: Oh boy he was looking at his computer

[13:40]  Pooky Amsterdam: how about shared wealth and resources?

[13:40]  Firery Broome: saw all our questions and pob. fainted

[13:41]  LolaRennt Blanco: let’s see

[13:41]  Pooky Amsterdam: well the definition of capitalism is to create profit

[13:41]  Wenceslas Wellesley: so tell me why Im wrong schmoo. is it cos god promised israel to the jewish people?

[13:41]  Pooky Amsterdam: BUT why is it all right to go unchecked – it was to CREATE JOBS

[13:41]  Shmoo Snook: Read some history, dude.

[13:41]  Gilles Kuhn: indeed pooky which is very different of creating wealth note….

[13:41]  Pooky Amsterdam: now when the top guy gets a huge bonus for cutting 50,000 jobs their stock price goes up

[13:41]  Wenceslas Wellesley: dont patronise me kiddo

[13:42]  Pooky Amsterdam: so thsi no longer works

[13:42]  Pooky Amsterdam: profit maximization isnt working

[13:42]  WALLISON WRITER COEYMAN (wallison.coeyman) is Offline

[13:42]  Pooky Amsterdam: the top ppl cut jobs and then the stock price goes up

[13:42]  Pooky Amsterdam: there is no correlation –

[13:42]  Monarchy Republic: the ‘the march for jobs’ at the turn of the 20 th century is the bedrock of Western democracy

[13:42]  Pooky Amsterdam: its time for the maximize wage

[13:43]  Grey Aya is Offline

[13:43]  Pooky Amsterdam: there are no jobs being created with the profit motive anymore

[13:43]  Pooky Amsterdam: where are the jobs with the increse in wealth

[13:43]  Pooky Amsterdam: where???

[13:43]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): But WHY does a person with money or power exploit another person? Look at the psychology of the situation. They are raised in a narcissitic patriarchy

[13:43]  Michele Mrigesh: it’s gone amok before, Pooky…that was when some regulations were put in place. Those regulations are now, for the most part, gone

[13:43]  Pooky Amsterdam: yses indeed

[13:43]  Pooky Amsterdam: you are right

[13:43]  Chimera Cosmos: feelings of entitlement combined with “blame the victim”

[13:43]  Siggi Ludwig (ludwig.john): see: profit on the one side is loss or someone else

[13:44]  Chimera Cosmos: “we deserve it, we earned it”

[13:44]  Siggi Ludwig (ludwig.john): for

[13:44]  Pooky Amsterdam: the 50’s & 60’s had greater equality of wealth and jobs

[13:44]  LolaRennt Blanco: Rotchild

[13:44]  Pooky Amsterdam: well why do we feel that we must protect unlimited wealth at the top?

[13:44]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): People exploit others because that’s just the way the system works. The relationship between power and labor has always been pretty parasitic.

[13:44]  Pooky Amsterdam: does anyone in here know someoen who makes 30 million a year?

[13:44]  Monarchy Republic: ‘find the loophole’ consultancy firms make a mockery of regulation anyway 😦

[13:44]  Chimera Cosmos: Pooky: hahahahahhahah I wish! (I think)

[13:45]  Michele Mrigesh: I know OF them! I don’t think I’d want to know them personally

[13:45]  Pooky Amsterdam: really!

[13:45]  Drax Ember: do you need a loan. Pooky?

[13:45]  Pooky Amsterdam: so why protect people at that level of wealth

[13:45]  Pooky Amsterdam: its not a right

[13:45]  Monarchy Republic: :)@Drax

[13:45]  Pooky Amsterdam: its not creating jobs

[13:45]  Wenceslas Wellesley: schmoo whose history shall I read?that of the jewish historians or the muslim. I suspect you’d only want me to read one side. as someone whose brother died in Afghanistan I’ve researched pretty hard why that happened to him and it all has a lot to do with protecting Israel’s right to go against UN resolutions

[13:45]  Shmoo Snook: It’s time for mandatory profit-sharing.

[13:45]  LolaRennt Blanco: ㋡

[13:45]  Drax Ember: show me a poor person who is creating jobs for others

[13:45]  Plot Tracer: ok gtg… if he answers my questions i want to know 🙂

[13:45]  Shmoo Snook: Bullshit.

[13:45]  Plot Tracer: see y’all later!

[13:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: lets tick to topic and not try to create emotionalism

[13:46]  Shmoo Snook: Sorry bout your bro.

[13:46]  Michele Mrigesh: it’s time for the rich to pay some taxes

[13:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: you wont sove economic problems or political ones liek that

[13:46]  Monarchy Republic: 10% of the US prison population creates wonderful service profit

[13:46]  Drax Ember: flat tax rate – good idea michelle

[13:46]  Shmoo Snook: A classmate of mine was blown up with his daughter in a pizzeria.

[13:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: persoal attacks and antagonism prevents locial solutions

[13:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: and those at the top work us unmercialeesly thsi way

[13:46]  Shmoo Snook: She was supposed to get married that night.

[13:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: to defelct

[13:46]  Shmoo Snook: He was an ER doctor.

[13:47]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes what does wage limits at the top do for the redistribution of wealth for a country?

[13:47]  Drax Ember: why wage limits for anyone?

[13:48]  Dan Fromund is Offline

[13:48]  Drax Ember: who is to say what is enough for another person

[13:48]  Gilles Kuhn: almost nothing that satisfy some populist nothing more its not about wage at this level its about shareholding participation and info on stock exchange….

[13:48]  Monarchy Republic: Reagonomic trickle down didnt work the way it did in 1890’s

[13:48]  Michele Mrigesh: “Live simply so that others can simply live”

[13:48]  Drax Ember: “Live your own life and worry not about others lives”

[13:49]  Pooky Amsterdam: no itrickle down is a lie

[13:49]  Pooky Amsterdam: there are wage limits Drax on the poor

[13:49]  Michele Mrigesh: because some people see the value of another life and secondary to their clothes budget, Drax

[13:49]  Pooky Amsterdam: how much do you pay the woman who cleans the house?

[13:49]  Pooky Amsterdam: or the preson who makes the sandwich

[13:49]  Monarchy Republic: what is peoples opinion on microeconomics…just another tax on poor people or the seeds of emancipation ?

[13:49]  Wenceslas Wellesley: well schmoo maybe he shouldnt have been in the country he died in. my brother certainly should not have been

[13:49]  Pooky Amsterdam: or mows the lawn

[13:49]  Darcy Auer: i think we should keep the capitalism and limit the ability to collect an asset over generations ◦What we are born with, we must make our own

[13:49]  Michele Mrigesh: as* secondary

[13:50]  Drax Ember: that is good, but those people do not have the right to insist that others have the same value system

[13:50]  breanna Cham is Offline

[13:50]  Shmoo Snook: Wenceslas, I’m muting you. Ba-bye now!

[13:50]  Pooky Amsterdam: I have a problem with one person making 25 million a year by cutting jobs

[13:50]  Drax Ember: why limit the abvility to pass what is yours to your family?

[13:50]  Pooky Amsterdam: I have a problem with someoen running their country into a loss and being paid 40 million

[13:50]  sina Funizza: Red flags would not have saved Iceand. Perhaps red sheets or an army of airplanes with red banners…

[13:50]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): I see wealthy passing wealth onto their relatives, consolidating wealth and power

[13:50]  LolaRennt Blanco: Excellent any

[13:51]  Drax Ember: talia what is wrong with that

[13:51]  Darcy Auer: cos it leads to unlimit grow

[13:51]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Money is always borrowed. It chokes the system when it’s hoarded.

[13:51]  any1 Gynoid gave you MADISON WISCONSIN PROTESTS 2pm THUR 10MAR2011.

[13:51]  Drax Ember: i want my family to have my wealth (what little there is of it) when I pass away – certainly not the government

[13:52]  Michele Mrigesh: YAY!!! here we go

[13:52]  Honour McMillan: yay us!

[13:52]  Shmoo Snook: It perpetuates the plutocracy we have here.

[13:52]  Pooky Amsterdam: Ahoy!

[13:52]  Janey Bracken: Yes if you work hard for your money it should be your decision what you do with it

[13:52]  Gilles Kuhn: hoarding too much wealth for anyone is the best way to lose it all in a single revolt

[13:52]  Chimera Cosmos: Yay Us!

[13:52]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): If it’s excessive, it keeps wealth and power in the same hands. It needs to be distributed more equally

[13:52]  Pooky Amsterdam: MY QUestion!

[13:52]  Honour McMillan: go Pooky!

[13:52]  Drax Ember: who is to say whats excessive?

[13:52]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): As long as anybody adds to the aliteration, everything’ll be all right

[13:53]  Michele Mrigesh: woohoooo, Pooky!

[13:53]  Drax Ember: do you want a bureacrat deciding how much of your wealkth goes to your family?

[13:53]  Pooky Amsterdam: well it wasnt exact but he did get to it

[13:53]  Gilles Kuhn: yheah pooky!

[13:53]  Firery Broome: and you thought he would not answer it : )

[13:53]  Pooky Amsterdam: he goes to india and china

[13:53]  Pooky Amsterdam: hello!

[13:53]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Let’s see if a man will pass on a feminist question to a man

[13:53]  Chimera Cosmos: We look cool on Posterous:

[13:53]  Pooky Amsterdam: so there are some extremely wealthy in china and then the masses who make 2 $ a day and this is good>?

[13:54]  Monarchy Republic: maybe….we should reconsider ‘inheritance’ …i dont think i could stand another ‘ My Sweet Sixteen MTV’ programme on the celebration of ” my Mom oly bought me a Porshe ..i hate her ! ..bratishness :s o_0

[13:54]  Drax Ember: that sounds discriminatory towards men 🙂

[13:54]  Wenceslas Wellesley: Drax – your family didnt do anything to earn the money you want to leave them. by providing an environment in which you could amass money, the society you live in DID earn at least a chunk of your money – and its the governemnt that handles that for us

[13:54]  Drax Ember: wrong wence

[13:54]  Wenceslas Wellesley: what – you make your kids work for you?

[13:54]  Ω DJ CASPER Ω ( is Offline

[13:54]  Drax Ember: I earned my my weatlth in order to provide for them – that was and is, my motivation

[13:54]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): No Drax, we are trying to stop men discriminating against women, don’t censor women

[13:54]  Janey Bracken: Why should someone who has worked hard for their money not be able to decide what they want to do with it?

[13:54]  Pooky Amsterdam: he didnt talk about teh US at all the the gap here

[13:55]  Pooky Amsterdam: not at all

[13:55]  Monarchy Republic: 30% less salary for women is discriminatory for men

[13:55]  Wenceslas Wellesley: because hard work isn’t what it’s all about

[13:55]  Drax Ember: maybe not to you

[13:55]  Janey Bracken: Countries like India have a space program and do little to help their poor

[13:55]  Pooky Amsterdam: the whole question of philanthropy I also question tbh – Bill Gates should have less money to give away and hve created more better paying jobs in thsi country

[13:55]  Wenceslas Wellesley: people work hard in mines in africa, but dont get much for it. the important thing is WHERE youy wrk

[13:56]  Drax Ember: but we all have different motivations – I don’t wish to decide where you leave your wealth – give it to the government, pitch it down the toilet, give to anyone you decide, but don’t tell me how mine should be distributed after my death

[13:56]  Wenceslas Wellesley: if you are LUCKY enough to work hard where it pays, at the end of your life you pay for the luck

[13:56]  Pooky Amsterdam: work at fair wages in the US would have put a dent in this

[13:56]  Pooky Amsterdam: WHAT

[13:56]  Monarchy Republic: so…the answers lie in localisation or centralisation ?

[13:56]  Janey Bracken: so blame the people like China who are running those mines In Africa

[13:56]  Pooky Amsterdam: kids int he inner city have the right to get an education so they can make 50 million ayear

[13:56]  Pooky Amsterdam: did he just try to say that?

[13:56]  LolaRennt Blanco: There is not jobs

[13:56]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Don’t censor women and feminists

[13:57]  Pooky Amsterdam: men cant have children

[13:57]  Darcy Auer: nero decided to do wat he want with his money and he burnt rome

[13:57]  Janey Bracken: they keep the wages low whilst investing and creaming all the metal off

[13:58]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Men are controlling the World bank, a man is deciding which questions even get asked to the man controlling the world bank. men are controlling the economy of the country and the world. Women’s voices need to be heard

[13:58]  Drax Ember: i dont have a lighter Darcy 🙂

[13:58]  Janey Bracken: shouldn’t it be the best person for the job whatever their gender?

[13:59]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): If people were being picked for the best for the job then half the jobs would be filled by women

[13:59]  Monarchy Republic: women rights is the cornerstone ,,,every society has women solve this ONE issue …then racism ,jingoism,speciesism and general ‘idiotic’ expliotative thinking gets a whole lot easier

[13:59]  Michele Mrigesh: that would presume that the person selecting the applicant didn’t have prejudices

[13:59]  Wenceslas Wellesley: in the uK men earn 65% of all earned income, but women spend 75% of all disposable income. would you rather earn or spend money?

[13:59]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Right on Monarchy

[13:59]  Khallia Serenity is Offline

[14:00]  Darcy Auer: shouldnt the jeopardy computer become civil rights?

[14:00]  Chimera Cosmos: sound stopped? or just mine?

[14:00]  Drax Ember: dosn’t matter wence – they should put their earned money on the corner in a basket for others to spend – they don’t have the right to it themselves

[14:00]  Gilles Kuhn: he has been in though place LOL yes in his escoreted climatized armoured car….

[14:00]  Pooky Amsterdam: toggle chimera

[14:00]  Honour McMillan: toggling worked for me Chim

[14:00]  Janey Bracken: but many women are in top jobs which I agree with but I don’t think any one gender should get preferential treatment they should get the job on their merit

[14:00]  rad Zabibha: just yours chimera

[14:00]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Men tell themselve that so they can continue to exploit women

[14:00]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes liek Bush on Oprah yesterday looking down on Lousianna

[14:00]  Becka Destiny is Offline

[14:00]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): It’r rationalization of oppressing women

[14:00]  colljoe Congrejo is Offline

[14:00]  Pooky Amsterdam: there are many more women in postions of power today, especially in the US – I wish that there was greater focus on education and health

[14:01]  Wenceslas Wellesley: I tried to oppress my wife once, just to see how it felt. The doctors say I will walk again one day

[14:01]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): 100% of the US presidents are men, most CEOs are men, most religions are run by men

[14:02]  Pooky Amsterdam: if we ahd no debt a thriing economy great jobs for all and education and national heath care – if the US was Number at least 5 in math and science in these important categories

[14:02]  Janey Bracken: some countries will always opress women that is their religion but in the West if women fit for the job there is no reason not to go for it

[14:02]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Wenceslas, ignoring women

[14:02]  Pooky Amsterdam: if we ahd those kind of credentials – we might be able to advise other countries

[14:02]  Drax Ember: 100% of men are men! OMG that is so discriminatory!

[14:02]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): ‘s oppression makes life and the world worse for all people

[14:02]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): and the environment.

[14:02]  Pooky Amsterdam: its economic opression

[14:02]  Pooky Amsterdam: its ntomen vs women

[14:02]  Janey Bracken: in the UK they have made hetersexual white men last on the list when applying for jobs

[14:02]  Pooky Amsterdam: its not republicans vs democrats

[14:03]  Pooky Amsterdam: its not muslim vs christian

[14:03]  Pooky Amsterdam: christian vs protestant

[14:03]  Janey Bracken: now that is discrimation!

[14:03]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Not it’s not men vs . women, as a pro feminist man can tell you.

[14:03]  Pooky Amsterdam: its the top 1% vs everyone else

[14:03]  Darcy Auer: but 10 000bc matriarchy was wide spread

[14:03]  Pooky Amsterdam: its economics

[14:04]  Monarchy Republic: labels arent useful ..,its people accepting the ludicrious that i have an issue with

[14:04]  Michele Mrigesh: 🙂

[14:04]  Monarchy Republic: shrugging and saying im not responsible ,,isnt a good excuse

[14:04]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): It’s more than economics, domestic violence is very common, and linked to women’s ability to go to school or have a job

[14:04]  Drax Ember: rather than finding excuses, isn’t it better to put ones nose to the grindstaone and work their ass of to be the best they can be- look folks, this isn’t a perfect world and never will be, so constantly finding reasons for victimization is hurting people and stifling them

[14:04]  Pooky Amsterdam: I have to agree with this

[14:05]  Janey Bracken: but everyone is labelled we are races, sexes all put into little pidgeon holes which means some people will be last in the queue for jobs etc we shold all be equal

[14:05]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Ignoring the patriarchy is ignoring the elephant in the living room

[14:05]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Lots of people work hard and get nowhere. That isn’t accidental.

[14:05]  Pooky Amsterdam: and lots do nothing and get very rich – also unfair

[14:05]  Janey Bracken: the only reward for hard work is more work (joke)

[14:05]  Drax Ember: no, and it isn’t fair either ataraxia, however it is life

[14:05]  Karafae Exelbirth is Offline

[14:06]  Pooky Amsterdam: money isnt made you get it off of someone else – all those middle managers losing their jobs and the wealt of the top 1% rising is not mutually exclusive

[14:06]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Not when it’s systemized, no.

[14:06]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): You will never solve the problems, until you deal with the reality that sexist men are creating most of the problems

[14:06]  Drax Ember: having trouble getting date talia?

[14:06]  any1 Gynoid: Gov. Scott Walker gave away $117,000,000 in corporate welfare… then turned around and is FORCING teachers and gov workers to give that up in pay and benefits cuts… How Fare is that???

[14:06]  Drax Ember: teasing!!!!

[14:07]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): For example Drax personal attack because of me being for equality

[14:07]  Pooky Amsterdam: any1 great point

[14:07]  Drax Ember: i am for it as well talia (lots of daughters)

[14:07]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): That’s one way sexist men try to censor women

[14:07]  Pooky Amsterdam: that is really incredible

[14:07]  Drax Ember: but

[14:07]  Pooky Amsterdam: adn that is the issue that the emotional hot buton ones wan tus offof

[14:07]  Pooky Amsterdam: this si the key

[14:07]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): If you have daughters you need to be feminist to make a better world for them

[14:08]  Drax Ember: people often get so wound up that they lose their humor and sense oh humanity –

[14:08]  Janey Bracken: the people who always suffer are the ordinary men and women the middle earners they get taxed to pay for the poor (who get a fortune in welfare in the UK) and the middle earners wages are kept low by the fat cats at the top like the top bankers who take millions in bonuses on top of thier enourmous wages

[14:08]  ::мŽ Ŧrєáʞч I IⓏ:: (sirine.kira) is Offline

[14:08]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Women aren’t really tremendously better at most things. We’re just as eager to attack each other.

[14:08]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): But fairness is nice.

[14:08]  Drax Ember: agreed

[14:08]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Yes, my question

[14:08]  Pooky Amsterdam: well let me ask you – if someoen makes 40 million ayear – how many folks not making 40K is that?

[14:08]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): “An excellent question”

[14:09]  Honour McMillan: ya Talia!

[14:09]  Janey Bracken: oh come on women and men both have qualities women aren’t better than men we just have different or the same talents

[14:10]  Darcy Auer: i want keep my differences to mans

[14:10]  Drax Ember: talia i disgree, but that may be because I( don’t understand your definition of feminist – we may be thinking along the same lines – I don’t believ in male or female superiority – that can be sexist in both directions – I believ in fairness for all\

[14:10]  Janey Bracken: well its up to you

[14:10]  Monarchy Republic: so- how do we seperate competitiveness with progression ..are they compatiable?

[14:10]  Janey Bracken: yes me too fairness to men and women

[14:11]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): ‘s what I said :p

[14:11]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): By being unfair to women you are not being fair to men

[14:11]  Wenceslas Wellesley: isn’t being “anti-sexist” a better thing than being “feminist”?

[14:11]  Pooky Amsterdam: what about women and the selling of children in the US?

[14:11]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Yes, a definite problem

[14:11]  Janey Bracken: if the best person for the job of a brain surgeon happens to be a man I don’t want the woman operating on me cos she got the job for being a woman

[14:12]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): being a feminist means youre for equal rights

[14:12]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Do you want the worst person for the job because he’s a man?

[14:12]  Wenceslas Wellesley: now does it agnes. cos the word sounds like you are for the rights of only one half of the coin

[14:12]  Janey Bracken: no I want the BEST person for the job!!!

[14:12]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Do you think most CEOs and presidents are men because men are superior?

[14:12]  Drax Ember: agreed janey

[14:13]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): You need to stop denying the reality of oppression

[14:13]  Pooky Amsterdam: Im just trying to read the text above talias head

[14:13]  Janey Bracken: some of them will be good and some will be bad same as some women in tops jobs

[14:13]  Drax Ember: talia its hard to take you seriously with that I love whorecrux over your avatar

[14:13]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): I didn’t put it there

[14:13]  Drax Ember: *blinks*

[14:13]  Wenceslas Wellesley: pronounced who-recrux

[14:13]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): well, Wenceslas, the worlds been dominated by men for thousends of year and still is

[14:13]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): But you are uninterested in equality or justice

[14:14]  Pooky Amsterdam: women in power in the us hasnt helped our economic situation – where are the policies to create jobs – to create better helth service? better education

[14:14]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): being a feminist doesnt mean rights only for women

[14:14]  Darcy Auer: magret thatcher wasnt that good for britain

[14:14]  Drax Ember: ty agnes – that was what I was confused about

[14:14]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): and are trying to rationalize it by attacking me. Attacking me will not change the fact that sexist men are messing up the world, and people need to address this to fix the world

[14:14]  Gilles Kuhn: when will you understand that gender issue is an absurdity any kind of legal disegality based on it is scandalous

[14:14]  Monarchy Republic: in a way ,,free market economy should have solved this problem years ago …if recriuters are too discriminatory to take people on race,gender etc issues ..then those people should have been able to start up on their own and totally kick them where it hurts by better corporate performance ….just quizzical why it didnt happen

[14:14]  Pooky Amsterdam: I agree Agnes – but dismay well the convo has been hijacked and is not about economics

[14:15]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): “Feminism” is way too much of an umbrella these days, but most people now seem to want a world that’s fairer for both sexes. Which is pretty awesome.

[14:15]  Drax Ember: talia you are casting stones in your glass house

[14:15]  Wenceslas Wellesley: well doesnt that make you a femino-masculist? agnes?

[14:15]  Drax Ember: blame blame blame – lumping all men into one pot

[14:15]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): lol?

[14:15]  Pooky Amsterdam: we are all focusing on this very personal discussion with someone and have gottena way from the bigger econimic picture and opportunity we ahve today

[14:15]  Darcy Auer: feminists tend to fight even after a battle is won

[14:15]  Firery Broome: opps

[14:15]  Drax Ember: good point pooky

[14:15]  Siri Vita: I just lost the stream

[14:15]  Buffy Beale: lost stream?

[14:15]  Shmoo Snook: Something wrong wit the stream?

[14:15]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): But we do still have gaps in equality, and some regions of the world are just a mess. Which isn’t as awesome.

[14:15]  Firery Broome: it looks like the auto cut off happened

[14:15]  Wenceslas Wellesley: well if you are for equality, you should find a more even-handed word, surely

[14:16]  Firery Broome: they went over

[14:16]  Janey Bracken: equality is a good thing but it has been taken too far, like I said a white heterosexual man in the UK will be last to be taken on for a job, like in general he would have to wait approx 3 years to join the police dpet, compared to an ethnic person or a woman, is that fair?

[14:16]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Mm, Pooky

[14:16]  Pooky Amsterdam: well people dont get into this kind of position unless they can deflect answers wit the skill of an agassi

[14:16]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): I should find anther word for feminism? haha

[14:16]  Janey Bracken: anyone else lost their sound?

[14:16]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): 🙂

[14:16]  Wenceslas Wellesley: well yes you should think about it

[14:16]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): yes lost it 😦

[14:17]  Drax Ember: brb I have to go peel potatos for dinner, this sexist is getting the meal ready for his family – give me 5 min

[14:17]  Janey Bracken: ok thanks

[14:17]  Michele Mrigesh: I did and then opened in a new window…but it’s over 😦

[14:17]  Monarchy Republic: but taken globally ..’a caucasian ‘ IS a minority …!!!! race is not only discriminatory it subjectively false

[14:17]  Agnes S.  (agnes.sharple): oh ill let the world know when ive found one then 😛

[14:17]  Del Edman: may need to start and stop the player again

[14:17]  Janey Bracken: hehehe Drax

[14:17]  Firery Broome: Feed was set to stop auto

[14:17]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): You can see why to world won’t improve when people would rather attack a feminist than address real issues

[14:17]  Firery Broome: at 2:15

[14:17]  Buffy Beale: restart worked

[14:17]  Pooky Amsterdam: we all want aman who can change the world and a diaper!

[14:17]  Firery Broome: they went over at the talk

[14:17]  Gilles Kuhn: good lord drax you are not employing a mexican girl to do that you egoist !

[14:17]  Wenceslas Wellesley: Agnes I have every confidence in you

[14:17]  Janey Bracken: feminism is ok as long as they don’t hate men we are all humans right?

[14:17]  Drax Ember: and you can see why a feminist is having trouble when she verbally attacks men as though they were all the same person

[14:17]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): So the show’s over?

[14:18]  Darcy Auer: i think its the age that solves problems with 80 you are not that agressive worrier anymore

[14:18]  Firery Broome: Oh great

[14:18]  Honour McMillan: Firery please pass our gratitude on to the organizers!

[14:18]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Sad to see how sexists are

[14:18]  Pooky Amsterdam: its back

[14:18]  Firery Broome: it is up

[14:18]  Firery Broome: and over

[14:18]  Midnight Bravin is Offline

[14:18]  Monarchy Republic: the ‘show ‘ never ends Ataraxia 😉

[14:18]  Del Edman: that’s it –he was just wrapping up

[14:18]  Honour McMillan: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

[14:18]  Drax Ember: yes, but someday you may grow up and see us all as equal talia

[14:18]  any1 Gynoid: Women Rights are Childrens Rights are Family Rights and ultimately Mens Rights too… Did you know that 70% of girls stay in their home villages after you educate them and help their own ppls… only 30% of boys do

[14:18]  Janey Bracken: have we got to the stage when men and women hate eat other?

[14:18]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Thank you Firery for organizing

[14:18]  Chimera Cosmos: crashed hard

[14:18]  Shmoo Snook: I’ll bet he said something really, really controversial that we missed.

[14:18]  Firery Broome: Thanks ALL very much for being here today

[14:18]  Chimera Cosmos: where’s my hair!

[14:18]  Shmoo Snook: Right at the end.

[14:18]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you so much

[14:18]  Buffy Beale: thanks Firery, and wow some interesting backchat today

[14:18]  Monarchy Republic: eat each other !!!!!! Janey …hahaha

[14:18]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): True, Monarchy! It must go on…it must! 🙂

[14:19]  Pooky Amsterdam: Fiery that was wonderful

[14:19]  Zirconium (ines.ogura): Thank you FIRERY

[14:19]  Zirconium (ines.ogura): This is a nice session

[14:19]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Sad to ses sexists abusing women. Hurting a women does not make you better only worse

[14:19]  Ahuva Heliosense: that was absolutely sensational

[14:19]  Siggi Ludwig (ludwig.john): I listened to this event here in Germany

[14:19]  Firery Broome: I hope you will take a poster NC and see if there is some other talk that might be of interest to you

[14:19]  Darcy Auer: ty firery

[14:19]  Shmoo Snook: Like, “Go Cubs!”

[14:19]  Monarchy Republic: yes …thank you 🙂

[14:19]  Zage Farman: CongratulationsFirery !!!!!!

[14:19]  Michele Mrigesh: Thank you, Firery!! I wish he’d gotten to more of SLs really great questions. This was a most telling interview, however

[14:19]  Honour McMillan: I will take a nc – thank you

[14:19]  Ahuva Heliosense: thank you for streaming it here. great, just so informative, entertaining, articulate

[14:19]  Pooky Amsterdam: thans Fiery

[14:19]  Pooky Amsterdam: it was great

[14:19]  Siri Vita: Thanks Firery!

[14:19]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Thanks, Firey; this was interesting to sit in on 🙂

[14:19]  Janey Bracken: lol sorry had wetherby group im how confusing lol

[14:19]  Pooky Amsterdam: very interesting person this man – but you just dont get real answers from him

[14:20]  Darcy Auer: ludwig has a long cable

[14:20]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): You should eject bigots making personal attacks

[14:20]  Michele Mrigesh: you get the apologist view, Pooky

[14:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes indeed

[14:20]  Shmoo Snook: In the end, the answer is: They hate us for our freedom.

[14:20]  any1 Gynoid: You are all welcome to join our discussion tomorrow….. DOMESTIC ECONOMICS… 2pm slt THURS 10Mar2011 Teach-In/Discussion: Madison Wisconsin Protests secondlife:///app/teleport/Four%20Bridges%20Project/93/27/36 LEARN WHAT’s HAPPENING NOW – Don’t Miss All the Fun!

[14:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: and then he ddnt asnwer the q to him about 10 years down the road int he us

[14:20]  Ahuva Heliosense: i found a lot of the history interesting, Pooky, as well as his side of the story

[14:20]  Firery Broome: See you all next time aroun

[14:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: he really didnt

[14:20]  Janey Bracken: well trouble is cos people don’t agree doesn’t make them bigots

[14:20]  Firery Broome: Yay any1!!!

[14:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you any1

[14:20]  Michele Mrigesh: oh great, any!

[14:21]  Talia Sunsong (taliasunsong): Yes they are and bigot apoligist are too

[14:21]  Buffy Beale: hey a1l

[14:21]  Michele Mrigesh: send me a nc when you can…I’ll get that up on the Wellstone schedule, any!

[14:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: It will be interesting to see what this discussion will bring

[14:21]  Sioux Nikolaidis: ty any1 😉

[14:21]  Janey Bracken: aww not nice lol we should listen to everyone without calling them bigots

[14:21]  Firery Broome: sorry he didn’t get to all our questions…

[14:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: i really genrally enjoy the lack of labeling that allows for a free discussion

[14:21]  Firery Broome: we had really good ones I thought

[14:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: those who do not like labels shouldnt throw them

[14:22]  Roja Zapatero: hi Any1 🙂

[14:22]  LolaRennt Blanco is Offline

[14:22]  Buffy Beale: at least he got there’s an interested group here Firery 🙂

[14:22]  Pooky Amsterdam: S;-D Ihave to get back to the grindini grind

[14:22]  Chimera Cosmos: when is the next event Firery?

[14:22]  Firery Broome: yes very much so!

[14:22]  Siri Vita: Nye all! great event :))

[14:22]  Firery Broome: the 23

[14:22]  Michele Mrigesh: some people just don’t know they’re bigots…so name calling is a discussion stopper

[14:22]  Firery Broome: we have 2!

[14:22]  Siri Vita: Bye

[14:22]  Buffy Beale: bye all have a delightful day

[14:22]  Pooky Amsterdam: im putting it in the cal

[14:22]  Michele Mrigesh: Bye Siri!! gtsy

[14:22]  LolaRennt Blanco is Online

[14:22]  any1 Gynoid: ty Firey and Congraulations!.. Great Event! Super Turnout!

[14:22]  Michele Mrigesh: Bye Buffy!

[14:22]  Pooky Amsterdam: yeah always is and an attention getter

[14:22]  Pooky Amsterdam: for the wrong reason

[14:22]  Firery Broome: thanks

[14:22]  Firery Broome: Andrew Kohur

[14:23]  Firery Broome: Prs. of Pew Research Center on 23

[14:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: 1PM SL?

[14:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: omg

[14:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: how great!

[14:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: love PEW

[14:23]  Chimera Cosmos: cool

[14:23]  Janey Bracken: but you shouldn’t call anyone bigots if they a have a point to make and you don’t agree with it, we should all listen to all sides of an argument

[14:23]  Buffy Beale: byee Michele 🙂

[14:23]  Honour McMillan: he’s on at 4:30 slt

[14:23]  Honour McMillan: I think

[14:23]  Michele Mrigesh: Bye everyone..thanks again, Firery and crew!!

[14:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: she isnt here

[14:24]  Darcy Auer: we need opinion diversity also

[14:24]  Firery Broome: Night!!

[14:24]  Honour McMillan: bye all – see you at the next one 🙂

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: will pay attention and have fiery in my calendr for the 23rd

[14:24]  Monarchy Republic: see you later ..peeps ..follow your nose and your heart …dead centre and right in front of you … 😉

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam whispers: AND

[14:24]  Janey Bracken: Thanks Firery

[14:24]  Firery Broome: good to see you all

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: HONOUR MACMILLIAN

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: is on The 1st Question this week

[14:24]  Roja Zapatero: bye Firery

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: Im me for a seat

[14:24]  Firery Broome: Oh very wonderful

[14:24]  Catt (catt.gable): Thanks Fiery, tc 🙂

[14:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: come by

[14:25]  Firery Broome: and is Anders on that day too

[14:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: I have to hop but thank you so much again

[14:25]  Chimera Cosmos: Sunday Pooky?

[14:25]  Catt (catt.gable): Firery

[14:25]  LolaRennt Blanco: good to see you all

[14:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes

[14:25]  Firery Broome: thanks for being here

[14:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: always sundays now

[14:25]  Drax Ember: potatos are peeled an on to boil – this sexist is back 🙂

[14:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: 4:30PM SL

[14:25]  Missy Foxclaw (misslynne.foxclaw) is Offline

[14:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: she left Drax

[14:25]  Janey Bracken: lol thats equality for you Drax!

[14:25]  Chimera Cosmos: Firery, is this a regular Wed thing?

[14:26]  Darcy Auer: i fight for the right to boil unpeeled potatoes

[14:26]  Firery Broome: every other wed this sem.

[14:26]  Janey Bracken: be good if it was we could all kill each other

[14:26]  Firery Broome: NC has the dates

[14:26]  Gilles Kuhn: potato you do jobs needed by poors thats scandalous

[14:26]  Firery Broome: there is a gap for spring break

[14:26]  Drax Ember: grins

[14:26]  Gilles Kuhn: drax i meant 😉

[14:26]  Drax Ember: maybe I’m the poor one who gets the job Giles 🙂

[14:26]  Chimera Cosmos: NC?

[14:27]  Pooky Amsterdam: Nolo Comprende

[14:27]  Firery Broome: notecard in the poster just outside of the seating

[14:27]  Janey Bracken: well Drax still has a servant in to squeeze his toothpaste on his brush like Prince Charles

[14:27]  Izabelle Borgin is Offline

[14:27]  Darcy Auer: bye all

[14:27]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes but its an alt

[14:27]  Drax Ember: laughs

[14:27]  Janey Bracken: bye Darcy

[14:27]  Janey Bracken: hehe

[14:27]  Pooky Amsterdam: Bye!

[14:27]  Drax Ember: yes, but times are hired, I had to let the servant go who actually brushed my teeth

[14:27]  Drax Ember: *hard

[14:27]  Janey Bracken: hehe

[14:28]  Gilles Kuhn: janey you never had servant that would be horrifically annoying i assure you…..

[14:28]  Janey Bracken: thanks Pooky

[14:28]  Firery Broome: I found it at last

[14:28]  Drax Ember: <— never has had a servant

[14:28]  Ataro Asbrink: bye all!

[14:28]  Firery Broome: anyone want a NC

[14:28]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you

[14:28]  Janey Bracken: yes I would find it annoying lol

[14:28]  Pooky Amsterdam: oh what was that Dylan line

[14:28]  Chimera Cosmos: oh NC as in Note Card

[14:28]  Janey Bracken: if they didn’t run around fast enough

[14:28]  Firery Broome: yes

[14:28]  Pooky Amsterdam: “You’ve got to serve somebody”

[14:28]  Chimera Cosmos slaps self on both sides of head

[14:28]  Drax Ember: not sure pooky, he mumbled them all

[14:28]  Janey Bracken: hehe

[14:28]  Pooky Amsterdam: lol

[14:28]  Drax Ember: lol

[14:28]  ::мŽ Ŧrєáʞч I IⓏ:: (sirine.kira) is Offline

[14:29]  LolaRennt Blanco: always the same song. Lies, and lies

[14:29]  Pooky Amsterdam: I do please

[14:29]  Pooky Amsterdam: nc

[14:29]  Pooky Amsterdam: and leopard skin pillbox hats

[14:29]  Janey Bracken: I must admit I ddn’t really catch a lot of what he was saying too busy watching text

[14:29]  Chimera Cosmos: Firery probably has the hat you seek…heheh

[14:29]  Firery Broome: Archives are here

[14:30]  Honny SpiritWeaver is Offline

[14:30]  Drax Ember: Fiery did you host this?

[14:30]  Janey Bracken: ohthat’s handy thank you Firery

[14:30]  Firery Broome: hahah I will have to make one

[14:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: th tyes she did!

[14:30]  Firery Broome: all of them are there

[14:30]  Drax Ember: thank you, it was fun

[14:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: I got to go

[14:30]  Chimera Cosmos: Firery = U Deleware SL Guru

[14:30]  Firery Broome: I think from the last 10 years

[14:30]  Janey Bracken: yes it was good thank you

[14:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: you are all wonderful!

[14:30]  Firery Broome: thanks Chim : )

[14:30]  Chimera Cosmos speaks only the truth!

[14:31]  Chimera Cosmos: usually….

[14:31]  Janey Bracken: bye Pooky 🙂

[14:31]  Pooky Amsterdam: I love honestly how brave we are how much we want to be involved and are involvd

[14:31]  Firery Broome: bye Pooky

[14:31]  Pooky Amsterdam: *************hugs**************

[14:31]  Chimera Cosmos: bye Pooky

[14:31]  Pooky Amsterdam: see you ppl

[14:31]  Pooky Amsterdam: stay beautiful

[14:32]  Honny SpiritWeaver is Online

[14:33]  Gilles Kuhn: gtg too bye all

[14:33]  Shmoo Snook: bye

[14:33]  Janey Bracken: Bye Gilles

[14:33]  Firery Broome: Night Gilles good to see you

[14:34]  Firery Broome: a little earlier for you this time slot

[14:34]  Janey Bracken: yes perfect for my time

[14:34]  Drax Ember: bye all!

[14:36]  Firery Broome: By Drax

[14:36]  Firery Broome: thanks again for being here

[14:37]  Drax Ember: ty again for hosting!

[14:37]  Firery Broome: hope to see you again

[14:37]  Janey Bracken: Thanks Firery it was great, bye eveyrone :))

[14:37]  Drax Ember: bye !!!

[14:38]  Firery Broome: Thanks Janey good to see you here

[14:38]  Firery Broome: bye for now

[14:38]  Janey Bracken: thanksbyeee

Un paseo por la luna y Second Life

Estos sitios que recomiendo son de entretenimiento. El primero es un simulador espacial, un juego para niños.

 Jugar a Moon MMORPG

Una vez dentro de la base lunar, escriban:

/help –> Saldrán todas las opciones

Pueden jugar con la gravedad:

Del lado izquierdo de su pantalla aparece una flecha, dale clik ahí y modifica tus opciones.

El segundo trata sobre una segunda vida, donde tú mismo vas comprando (o creando, según tus intereses) tu propia ropa y joyería, así como relojes de marca. Ray Ban, Armani, por mencionar algunos, figuran entre las más prestigiadas compañías, que hallaron un buen negocio en el espacio virtual.

Si quieres saber más de Second Life, visita

Aquellos que vayan a entrar, busquen sitios donde la ropa y accesorios son gratis, es mejor. Sólo pongan en “buscar” la palabra FREE y hallarán buenos resultados.

Este es mi personaje, con accesorios y ropa GRATIS, virtual, pero gratis.

Mi personaje


Leer nota completa

Second Life

Otras fotos de Second Life


Un d�a en la segunda vida Second Life











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